Include a 2mm bleed for any art that should run to the edge of the card ( blue area on the template )
Include a 3mm quite area, avoid putting images and text past this margin area ( green area on the template )

Save you work as a high resolution PDF document.


Check that your files exactly match the product details you’re selecting in your order
Add JPG files to help us view the overall job and help us control your files
Checking the size of the files
Are fonts embedded or converted to curves
Are your images High Resolutions
Is there sufficient bleed and quite zone

To download a vertical layout .eps template, click here.
To download a horizontal layout .eps template, click here.

We do offer an artwork service. Our rates start at £30 for single side design/layout and £50 for double side design/layout.


For any orders placed with us, we presume our customer to be the owner of any necessary copyrights relating to documents, images, logos, fonts, which are protected under the intellectual property laws.

Artwork files supplied to us must be in strict accordance with our Technical Specifications as set out and available on our website.

The customer must accept unreservedly the technical constraints associated with this type of printing:

  • Trimming tolerances of 1mm
  • Colour variations
  • When reprinting jobs even from exactly the same files, we can’t guarantee that the colour rendering will be identical to the previous printed item.
  • We will not be responsible when defects are present on the customers file in relation to trapping, fonts, image conversion, colour calibration etc
  • The customer must be aware that the representation of colour that they see on screen is not a true and accurate representation of what the final printed product will look like. Additionally desk top printers or copiers will not present an accurate representation of how the final product will look when professionally printed.
  • We may make modifications to the supplied file where it does not conform to our technical requirements (bleed, pantone colour conversion, RGB image conversion, etc). Similarly we reserve the right to refuse any order that does not conform to our DTP guide
  • We will never be liable in the event that our technical requirements aren’t adhered to (as outlined in the DTP guide).
  • We recommend that to mitigate against these risks our clients request a Fogra certified proof digital proof. This will give a fair representation of how the final product will look in advance of full production and will highlight any of the potential issues raised above.
  • We will not undertake authors corrections on any supplied files and so in the instance where this is required we will ask the customer to make the amendments themselves and then re-supply the files to us for production.